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security cameras torontoAvante installs high quality security camera systems specific to the clients needs. As technology evolves, we evolve. Avante’s engineering team is constantly testing and implementing the newest proven camera technology available.  Security cameras should:

1Depict a clear image in high resolution in day or night

2Be positioned strategically to maximize the likelihood of capturing a clear image of a burglar

3 If deployed with advanced analytic technology, maximize the potential to clearly detect trespassers on the property BEFORE a break in attempt to deter an intrusion from happening via immediate dispatch and/or two way voice

Presently, two different camera technologies exist: analog cameras and IP cameras.
Analog Cameras are cameras that communicate with a recorder using an analog signal along a video cable. This technology has been around for years and remains popular.

IP Camera Systems are digital and lend themselves to a variety of computerized applications. The signals can be analyzed by software algorithms and the cameras can send an alarm trigger if any rule is violated. For example, a snapshot of the person who just rang your doorbell can be immediately sent to you via email.

Other services provide by avante to supplement camera systems include:

    1. Off-site recording at Avante Security
    2. Intelligent Perimeter Protection Video Analytics
    3. Virtual Monitoring by Avante staff in the case of an alarm
    4. Virtual Patrols
    5. Doorbell answering services
    6. Construction site monitoring
    7. Covert cameras
    8. Remote camera viewing via smartphones