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Video Analytics

  Today, CCTV camera systems are more commonplace than ever. Residential cameras have been a useful tool in helping to identify an intruder after a break-in. Avante takes your cameras to the next level and can make your camera system actually preventing a break-in thanks to the implementation of our revolutionary analytics programs.

Access Control Systems

  Access can be granted by entering a code on the scramble Pad. The ScramblePad keypad/reader provides a very high security approach to access, because the ID code or PIN number cannot be accidentally shared with, or stolen by casual onlookers.

Secure Transport

High-profile individuals and executives are faced with unprecedented corporate and personal risks, requiring a higher level of security planning, coordination and management both domestically and while traveling abroad. Avante understands that clients and their families require a brand of personal protection that neither impedes on their lifestyle nor appears needlessly ostentatious.

Residential Monitoring

Avante Security provides state of the art home security services in Toronto to upscale neighborhoods. Our monitoring center is centrally located in Toronto and that gives us the ability to manage any security issues within minutes.