Commercial Security Services

Avante Security ServicesCommercial Security Services

Access Control Systems

The Access Control System will allow only authorized access into a secured area. Access can be granted by card, biometrics, entering a code on a keypad or a scramble Pad. The ScramblePad keypad/reader provides a very high security approach to access, because the ID code or PIN number cannot be accidentally shared with, or stolen by casual onlookers. Read More

Security Camera Systems

Since 1996, Avante Security’s technicians have been expertly installing premium security camera systems in the businesses of our clients.  Avante installs security camera systems specific to the clients needs. As technology evolves, we evolve. Avante believes aesthetically pleasing installations are of utmost importance and we strive to install with skill and care. Read More

Video Analytics

Avante’s Intelligent Perimeter Protection Video Analytics take your cameras to the next level by catching intruders BEFORE they break-in using revolutionary analytics software algorithms. Read More

Fire Systems

Avante Security offers state of the art fire systems for commercial and industrial facilities in Toronto and the GTA. We create custom fire detection and suppression systems that are unique to the requirements of our clients’ facilities. Read More

Alarm Installation

Avante Security offers state of the art alarm systems for residential monitoring and we provide complete alarm system installation and emergency alarm system maintenance in Toronto and the GTA.  Read More

Rapid Alarm Response Toronto

Avante Security has pioneered its Rapid Alarm Response Service in Toronto to within a time frame of 6 minutes or less. We understand the need for a response team to available on your premises within minutes of any incident. Read More

Secure Luxury Transport

Avante Security offers premium luxury transport for the entire Toronto area by security trained drivers with expertise in working with high profile individuals.  Drivers are trained in security, counter-surveillance techniques and first aid. Read More

Private Investigation

Avante Private Investigations offers a full range of corporate and personal investigation services for cases not only across Ontario or Canada but all across North America.  Read More

Corporate Security Concierge

Avante can staff and manage your security desk whether in a corporate setting or a condominium environment or provide the aforementioned services in a remote electronic delivery model. This can be supplemented with by concierge and butler services along with luxury transport availability 24/7/365.  Read More

Security Consultation Services

Avante Security is has been creating custom security solutions in Toronto for over 15 years. We have numerous products and services to protect your business with the use of cutting edge technology that keeps you informed at all times. Read More